Property Rules

Here are the property policies, narrated by ‘Scamper the squirrel’ .  You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement that you will abide by these rules and regulations before your lease is complete.

  1. Display a Parking Permit at all times and park in your designated parking space or in unmarked Guest Parking space. “The loud sound of the tow truck wakes me up, so please park only where you are supposed to park.”
  2. Quiet Hours are 10:00PM-8:00AM. Some of the condos are owned and occupied by private owners, so please be respectful. “I must be well rested for nut collecting and branch hopping so thanks for turning the volume down on your night time fun.”
  3. Pool hours are 9:00AM-10:00PM. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. There is no lifeguard on duty, so swim at your own risk. “Watch for lightning, it is dangerous, I even have to leave my tree during a thunderstorm. Vacate the pool and take cover!”
  4. The Gathering Area, Horseshoe Pit and Playground are available first come first serve and should be avoided during quiet hours. “It makes me “hoppy” when guests get to know each other.”
  5. Clean up the area after use; Gathering Area, Pool, Parking Lot, Play Ground, Shoreline, etc…“Thanks for helping me keep the place neat and tidy by picking up trash and using the trashcans.”
  6. Dogs must be controlled or leashed at all times and their waste picked up immediately. “I love dogs, but they scare me and I hate stepping in their poop! Thanks for cleaning up and for not leaving them alone to bark on your deck.”
  7. Unlawful behavior is prohibited. “My little squirrels are afraid of Police sirens and out of control behavior associated with drugs or alcohol, so please don’t.”
  8. Follow Posted Pool Rules. It is guest’s responsibility to vacate the pool when lightning is near as there is no life guard on duty. “Thanks for teaching my little squirrels to play safe and be responsible.”
  9. Only Propane Gas Grills are allowed on decks. Replacement Propane tanks are available by contacting your Nightly Rental Manager. “You could burn my nest down if you use Charcoal Grills on the deck, so please don’t.”
  10. Throwing cigarette butts or other things from decks is prohibited. “Be careful, you might hurt the little squirrels playing below and what a mess to pick up.”
  11. Lake Safety is encouraged. “The lake is fun, but dangerous too. I suggest you use life jackets, don’t swim in the lake after dark, and keep a watchful eye on your little ones!
  12. Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on the property. The US Army Corps of Engineers does not allow fireworks on the lake or shoreline. “I would feel bad if you were liable for hurting someone or damaging something, and would hate to have to ask you to pay for replacing all the stuff that gets damaged.”
  13. The Dock next door is private property. Only guests staying in units owned by a dock owner can utilize the dock. Check with your Nightly Rental Manager. “Don’t forget the State Park Marina; Boat Slips, Rental Boats, Water Toys, fun, fun, fun!”


Ownership and Services Disclosure: The condos in this condominium complex are privately owned by individual owners who may or may not rent their condos as vacation rentals. The Property is governed by “VR Group”, the Homeowners Association.

TC Blackman Condo Management Company, dba Vickery Resort, located adjacent to Vickery Resort Condominiums, is a privately owned company acting independently of the complex and is not obligated to provide services to guests in condos not under their management. Please do not trespass in their office. Our At the Lake condo is not associated with it.